Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Annual Bureau of Investigation Scholarship Presentation and Employee Recognition Ceremony

On June 19th, the Investigators’ Association proudly sponsored the Annual Bureau of Investigation Scholarship Presentation and Employee Recognition Ceremony.  

Since 2000, the Investigators’ Association has provided over $12,000 in scholarship money to the immediate families of the association members.  This year, two scholarship recipients received $500 each.  The Association hopes to continue this tradition in giving back to the members for years to come.
Service Pins and Investigations Recognition:     Congratulations to all persons who were recognized for years of service and/or their dedication to providing quality investigative services.
Past Board Recognitions:
Duties of the association board is ancillary to their regular assignments and the association would be non-existent without the willingness to volunteer.  Thank you to the past board members for your willingness to volunteer!
Association Mission:
The Mission of the Association is; “to promote a better working environment and togetherness among the membership.”  The mission is upheld through hosting events such as this and supporting future events that bring our office together.
Again, congratulations to the scholarship recipients and to all those recognized for your hard work and dedication!   
As a reminder, our Office Barbeque will be held at Yucaipa Regional Park on September 14th.  Bring the family and enjoy the festivities.  RSVP by August 30th.

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