Monday, May 20, 2019

Hardcore Gang Unit Guilty Verdict

A jury returned a quick guilty verdict in a murder that was solved by the No Boundaries task force. The No Boundaries task force, comprised of Sheriff, San Bernardino PD, ATF, Probation and the FBI, focused on the most violent elements of the California Garden Crips in an effort to stem high murder rates in 2016 in San Bernardino.  The defendant, Dayvion Jones,  was an enforcer for the California Garden Crips. 
The victim, Shonta Edwards, was outside a known blood territory smoking a cigarette, wearing red shorts, when the defendant and a codefendant approached him and asked him for a cigarette. The defendant, Dayvion Jones, believed the victim was a rival gang member.  After giving him a cigarette, Dayvion Jones pulled out a .45 caliber handgun and shot Edwards to death, leaving fired casings all over the crime scene.  Soon after, the Task Force intercepted a phone call where the defendant was heard talking about having a .45 caliber gun.  The defendant was stopped that day by SBPD and the gun was found under his seat.  The defendant admitted the gun was his, a .45 1911 style automatic. Ballistics linked the fired rounds to this gun.  Recovered Snap Chat video also showed the defendant with the gun immediately before the traffic stop.  Social media posts, eyewitnesses, an informant and intercepted calls all proved that the defendant killed the victim.
The jury returned verdicts of guilt on first degree murder, gun allegations and the gang enhancement. The defendant is looking at 50 years to life. The case was prosecuted by the Central Division’s Hardcore Gang Unit, DDA Lloyd Masson.  

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