Monday, May 21, 2018

San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office MADD 2018 Prosecutor of the Year

Deputy District Attorney Jack Liu’s work this year has had a significant and lasting impact on the quality and success of DUID prosecutions throughout San Bernardino County. As our OTS/DUID grant prosecutor, Jack embarked on a yearlong campaign to provide training for our entire office on how to effectively prosecute DUID trials. His training is available on video and will be used to train a steady stream of new prosecutors every year.

He also provided our office’s first POST-certified 72-hour DRE training class, presented free of charge, to over 40 of our local law enforcement officers. Because of Jack’s dedication and hard work, we have a full contingent of prosecutors who have the knowledge and skills to effectively present a DUID trial, and we have substantially increased the number of law enforcement officers who can testify as fully certified DREs. Jack’s approach has inspired countless prosecutors and law enforcement officers to be the best they can be when it comes to DUID investigations and prosecutions. He has encouraged our prosecutors to take up the challenge of DUID trials, especially marijuana DUIDs, which are increasing at an exponential rate due to Prop. 64.

Jack’s efforts to combat DUID don’t stop there. He conducted many other law enforcement trainings throughout the year, coordinated an on-call prosecutor system to assist in major DUI cases, and held our county’s first SoCal OTS Regional Roundtable. The Roundtable brought together over 30 SoCal prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and criminalists for training and strategic planning on how to more effectively fight intoxicated driving statewide. And he did all this while personally handling a caseload of serious felony DUI cases.

Jack’s extraordinary commitment to strong and effective enforcement of DUI and DUID laws has earned him the title of MADD’s 2018 Prosecutor of the Year.

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