Monday, April 23, 2018

Two defendants who murdered a Phelan man convicted

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Two men who lured a 58-year-old Phelan man from his motorhome to rob him have been convicted.
This case was tried to two juries simultaneously. On Wednesday, a jury found Jacob Bock (pictured left) guilty of Murder, First Degree Residential Robbery and First Degree Burglary, Person Present and found true one gun allegation. On April 4, a separate jury found Kyle Comrie (pictured below) guilty of Murder, First Degree Residential Robbery and First Degree Burglary, Person Present.

The crime dates back to 2015, when both defendants conspired to lure 58-year-old Louis Merrigan from his motorhome with the intent of robbing him.

According to Deputy District Kevin Christensen, who prosecuted the case, one defendant approached the motorhome and lured the victim out under the ruse of needing to use his cell phone because he crashed on his ATV. 

“Hiding in the shadows was the other defendant who initiated a violent attack with a baseball bat,” said Deputy District Attorney Christensen. “A handoff occurred allowing the other defendant to participate in the beating.”

After pummeling the victim for some time, the two defendants ransacked the motorhome and stole numerous items that included the victim's .22 rifle. As they were setting out to leave the property, Bock decided that he could not leave any witnesses behind, so he returned to the victim lying on the ground and shot him one time in the head.  

Ultimately, the investigation—which was overseen by Sergeant Mike Flores of the Victor Valley Sheriff Station—led to both defendants who confessed to the crimes. 

Bock faces 81 years to life and Comrie faces 25 years to life. Both men are scheduled to be sentenced next month.

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