Monday, April 2, 2018

District Attorney's Office Co-hosts DUI Court in School Project

Supervising Deputy DA Jill Gregory and Deputy DA Don Pezza participated in a DUI Court in School Project last week at Don Lugo High School in Chino.

The DUI Court in School Project, which is a collaboration between the District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Public Health, is designed to provide a lesson to young people about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol while experiencing the judicial process of a DUI criminal sentencing based on an actual case. 

“The program had a profound impact on the student audience because they heard and saw the facts and video from a real life DUI case involving a young adult defendant and severely-injured teenage victims,” said Pezza. “They watched as the young student defendant was sentenced to five years state prison by a judge and then handcuffed by a bailiff and led offstage."

The DUI Court in School Project is an innovative strategy for helping to prevent underage drinking and driving and to save lives. This project brings to the school campus auditorium a DUI criminal sentencing proceeding based on an actual case to help students understand the legal consequences and personal loss to the victims and their families when a DUI is committed. This message takes place before prom and graduation and hopefully it will resonate with the students and their parents.

"After the sentencing, a MADD victim representative talked about the impact drunk driving has made on her life and the entire auditorium was completely silent as they listened to her,” said Gregory, who played the role of judge. “The program allows the students to see some of the real-world consequences of a decision to drink and drive.”

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