Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DDA Rick Lal Selected by the EPA to Teach Advanced Environmental Crimes Training Program

DDA Rick Lal was recently selected by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be one of only 6 prosecutors from around the State to teach at their prestigious Advanced Environmental Crimes Training Program in Central California.

This intensive program brings together sworn law enforcement and peace officers along with environmental regulators as part of an Environmental Crimes Task Force that over the course of two weeks works on every aspect of a hazardous materials investigation including interviews, surveillance, inspections, operations planning, and executing a search warrant at a mock HazMat site (see below). 

As one of the EPA’s most popular instructors, DDA Lal instructed students in small groups on both federal and California environmental law, with drafting detailed environmental search warrants, operations planning, and executing an environmental search warrant – ultimately culminating in a jury trial to demonstrate how events in the field translate into evidence inside a courtroom.

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