Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lifer Parole Unit secures 5-year parole denial

1987 Article from the San
Bernardino Sun
In 1986, at age 42, the Inmate James Noffsinger and his live-in girlfriend got into an argument.  He ended up hitting her three times with a baseball bat. 

When that didn't kill her, he stabbed her 24 times in the chest with a screwdriver, puncturing both lungs. Noffsinger then moved the body into the garage.

After rigor set in, he sawed her body into pieces and put the parts, including the head, in paper sacks in the refrigerator. 

He put her torso in a dumpster at his work and then fled to Northern California. He told the probation officer that “it was an accident.”  In 2014, he told the psychologist, “I’m sure it won’t happen again … I know now it’s wrong to do something like that.” 

At yesterday’s parole hearing, Noffsinger told the board that he killed her because he was mad that she wouldn’t shut up.  He had no choice but to hit her with the bat because it was leaning against the wall in the room.  He received a 5 year denial.

This case was assigned to Deputy District Attorney Connie Lasky of the Lifer Parole Unit. The original case was prosecuted by former Chief Deputy District Attorney Clark Hansen III.

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