Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Congratulations to our Certificate of Excellence Recipient Senior Investigator Paul DeJong

Senior Investigator DeJong joined the Child Abduction Unit (CAU) two years ago. Since then he has demonstrated lockjaw tenacity to try to crack cases that showed signs of petrification. In doing this, he reaches out to the devastated victim-parents who otherwise would have no hope of knowing again the child that was stolen from their lives.

Senior Investigator DeJong doesn’t seem to rest on weekends or holidays – as a search of his text messages and email histories would surely prove. The word “diligent” comes to mind – a word that descended from Latin roots meaning “to set apart for special care.” His diligence sets him apart because he always and truly cares about his work. 

Senior Investigator DeJong's patience and people skills round out his profile as a star player on the CAU team. He has a knack for de-escalating without demeaning, for straight talk without the serrated edge and for candor mixed with compassion. However optional, such a balance may be in other DA operations, they are vital when dealing with parents at war over their children.

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