Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome to Lupe and Dozer

Say hello to the newest members of our DA family! Lupe and Dozer arrived last Friday and will soon be assisting our most vulnerable victims—our children—when they go to court. Thank you to Assistance Dogs of the West for their valuable expertise, time and training this past week. Victim Advocates DJ and Yesica are now ready to take on this special task.

Coming soon: An official meet and greet with DA Ramos and the entire Special Victims K9 Unit! More details to follow soon.

Lupe and Victim Advocate DJ Ross will be assigned to the Central Division

Dozer and Victim Advocate Yesica Cioli will be assigned to the Desert Division

Part of the training entailed working around children. Pictured are members of Assistance Dogs of the West, Victim Advocates Yesica Cioli and DJ Ross and Lupe and Dozer, who are answering questions at Mariposa Elementary School in Redlands.

District Attorney Mike Ramos introduced Lupe and Dozer Friday to Presiding Judge Marsha Slough.

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