Friday, December 12, 2014

Supervising Deputy District Attorney Michael Dowd Adopted by First Graders

On Wednesday, Supervising Deputy District Attorney Michael Dowd stood before a room full of first graders at Upland Christian Academy in Rancho Cucamonga and discussed the importance of staying in school.

The Academy recently had all their classes adopt a public servant or servants to learn about what they do, and Dowd was selected by Mrs. Beth Paxton’s first grade class.

Dowd’s presentation also highlighted the role of a Deputy District Attorney and why they are so important to the community and public safety.

“The entire presentation including questions from kids lasted about forty-five minutes,” said Dowd. “They loved the items we gave them especially the Junior DA stickers.  I had them take an oath when they started putting them on that they would promise to stay in school, do good in the community and stay out of trouble.”

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  1. Mr. Dowd was not only professional but was awesome with these kids. They loved being sworn in and wearing their stickers! We appreciate all you do and we promise to be good citizens and contribute to our communities! Thank you again.