Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In The News: 3 charged in shooting of San Bernardino Police Officer Gabriel Garcia

SAN BERNARDINO >> Attempted murder of a peace officer and firearms possession charges were filed Tuesday against three men in connection with Friday’s shooting of San Bernardino Police Officer Gabriel Garcia, who remains comatose and in critical condition.

District Attorney Michael A. Ramos announced the filing of charges against Jonathan Contreras, 20, Gonzalo Medina, 22, and Orlando Cruz, 24, all of San Bernardino, during a news conference at the San Bernardino Police Department. All three were arrested following the gun battle that occurred in the 1900 block of Garner Avenue shortly after 2 a.m. Friday.

Each of the three men is charged with two counts of attempted murder of a peace officer and one count of possession of an assault rifle. They are scheduled to be arraigned today in San Bernardino
Superior Court.

Garcia’s assailant, 38-year-old Alex Alvarado, was shot by Garcia’s unnamed rookie partner — whom Garcia was training —during the gun battle, and later died at the hospital, authorities said.

The three men charged Tuesday were with Alvarado and two women at the time of the shooting, police said.

“The District Attorney’s Office wants to make very clear, if you aid and abet or are involved in a conspiracy in the assault or shooting of a peace officer, we will hold you accountable, even if you don’t pull the trigger,” Ramos said.

He said an investigation continues into whether the suspects had gang ties. If so, the charges will be amended to include gang enhancements.

Police said Alvarado was a career criminal and longtime member of a Redlands street gang.

All three suspects face life in prison if convicted, Ramos said. Should Garcia die, Ramos said the charges against the three men could be changed to murder of a peace officer.

Garcia and his partner were on patrol Friday when they spotted a group of people hanging out in the 1900 block of Garner Avenue shortly after 2 a.m. They approached the group when Alvarado, reportedly brandishing a Taurus .38 Special 5-shot revolver and a Ratmil AK-47 assault rifle, began firing on the officers. Garcia was shot once in the head. His partner drew his gun and shot Alvarado during the gun battle, police said.

Both guns were on display during Tuesday’s news conference. The barrel of the assault rifle was sawed off and wrapped in a black bandanna. Two 30-round magazines for the AK-47 were also on display.

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