Monday, February 3, 2014

High Profile Gang Cases from 2013

DEFENDANT: Marcos Alvarado
SUMMARY: In this particular case the defendant evaded capture for over three years. After a night of drinking, Alvarado was asked to leave a restaurant. In a hurry to exit the parking lot, following his girlfriend hitting another car, defendant begins shooting at the victim’s car. The victim dies. His wife who was driving is struck by a bullet in the hip.
CONVICTED: The defendant was convicted of murder and attempted murder.
SENTENCED: Alvarado was sentenced to 130 years to life.

DEFENDANTS: Juan Rodriguez, Udy Cardenas and Irvin Rodriguez
SUMMARY: The Defendants are all members of East Side Verdugo, and each of the three crimes was committed within their gang territory. Defendant Juan Rodriguez was walking down the street holding a knife and challenged a man who was standing in his own front yard to a fight. He later placed the knife right in the face of the man’s wife, and then subsequently stabbed her elderly father, who walked out to try to calm the situation. Shortly after, Defendants Juan Rodriguez and Irvin Rodriguez used a knife to steal a bicycle from a young man. Finally, a few minutes later Juan Rodriguez, Irvin Rodriguez and Udy Cardenas jumped out of a car and started fighting with three other young men who were standing in front of their driveway. They fought with them, knocking one to the ground. In all three incidents, Juan Rodriguez yelled out “Eastside Verdugo” and “Meadowbrook.”
CONVICTED: The jury convicted Juan Rodriguez of Robbery, 2 counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Street Terrorism. Irvin Rodriguez was convicted of Robbery and Street Terrorism, Udy Cardenas was convicted of Street Terrorism. The jury found that a knife was used in the robbery, that great bodily injury was inflicted on the elderly gentleman, and gang enhancements were found true as to all counts.
SENTENCED: All defendants were sentenced to state prison: Juan Rodriguez for 43 years, Irvin Rodriguez for 27 years and Udy Cardenas for 12 years.

DEFENDANT: Michael Rey

SUMMARY: A police officer was pursuing Rey, when he turned and fired a round at the officer. Rey claimed the gun had accidently discharged when he threw it. The officer believed the shot barely missed him.
CONVICTED: The defendant was convicted of Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace officer with a personal gun use allegation found true.
SENTENCED: He was sentenced to 28 years in state prison.

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