Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bureau of Investigation Donates Money to Rachel's House

In September 2006, the board of Forgotten Children, Inc. recognized a need to begin an attack on Human Trafficking and prostitution. Their focus eventually came to the streets of San Bernardino. Many of you may recognize Pastor Paula, who appeared in our documentary Teenage $ex 4 $ale: Human Trafficking in San Bernardino County. She is not only partnered with our office, but she is a driving force behind the positive work taking place in our community with the faith-based community.

As the mission statement of Forgotten Children states: "Our goal is to stop this evilness, and to rescue the victims from the streets. Forgotten Children provides not only street ministry to the victims, we also provide awareness and training workshops."

District Attorney Michael Ramos and Chief Mike Smith made a donation on behalf of our CopsWest barbeque team who raised over $1,000 at a charity event last month. Great job team, and great job to Pastor Paula and her team who refuse to give up in their quest to make a difference in the lives of those young girls who are being trafficked in San Bernardino County.

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