Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deputy District Attorney Receives Outstanding Prosecutor Award

Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hinson was awarded the distinguished Outstanding Prosecutor Award by the California Office of Traffic Safety and Mothers Against Drunk Driving today at a Law Enforcement Recognition Luncheon in San Bernardino.

Mr. Hinson has been a prosecutor in the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office for 6 1/2 years. Over the last year, Mr. Hinson has worked in the Fontana Division and has primarily prosecuted Felony Driving under the Influences cases. He was chosen to handle felony D.U.I. cases because he is not only a tenacious prosecutor but also displays compassion and sensitivity towards victims and their cases. The victims that he has interacted with have expressed appreciation about his accessibility and the guidance he provides them as their cases are being prosecuted.

In addition to the prosecution of D.U.I. cases, Mr. Hinson has attended CDAA seminars on D.U.I. drug prosecution and the Homicide Symposium. He has also met with law enforcement and has advised and instructed them on D.U.I. investigations.                                               

Mr. Hinson caseload is extensive and he has prosecuted over 80 felony D.U.I. cases over the past year. Those cases include D.U.I’s with serious injuries and D.U.I. manslaughter cases. Mr. Hinson’s caseload is filled with many challenging cases that require a lot time and preparation. Some of the more challenging cases are as follows:

People v Kyle Bahensky: FWV1300479

Defendant was traveling southbound and ran a red-light. The defendant was traveling at 57 mph. His vehicle struck the victims vehicle. A juvenile passenger in the victim vehicle was fatally injured while the driver suffered a collapsed lung and multiple broken ribs. The defendant fled and was apprehended 4.25 hours later at his residence 1.6 miles away. The driver of the victim vehicle was a 0.09 BAC with measurable levels of cannabinoids. Mr. Hinson charged gross vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated and D.U.I. with injury.

People v Ronald Miranda: FVA1301541/FVA1301261
Defendant in two separate incidents was driving with BAC in excess of 0.20. In addition to these two incidents the defendant had 4 DUI convictions for offenses within ten years of the current offenses. The defendant also had another 2 DUI convictions for offenses more than 10 years prior the current offense. This case is currently being prosecuted.

People v Kyle Herndon: FVA1300849
Witnesses on a freeway see the vehicle driven by the defendant pass them doing 100 mph on freeway and then crash and the flip several times. The victim was partially ejected and she died at the scene. The witnesses saw the defendant exit the driver's side and exclaimed that the victim is still alive. The defendant then grabbed a sweater and ran off on foot. The defendant was found nearby walking and he claimed that someone else was driving. The defendant was convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and felony hit and run with injury/death and admitted a prison prior. He was sentenced to 8 years with a consecutive 6 months for a violation of probation.

People v. Richard Preciado: FVA1301348
The defendant was huffing Nitrous Oxide while driving and he crashes the car and hurts his passenger and the driver of the other car. By the time the CHP arrive the symptoms are pretty much gone, but a witness saw defendant put a Nitrous Oxide tank in trunk after the collision. The defendant was convicted of Vehicle Code section 23153.

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