Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#InTheNews: October 9, 2013

Accused Rialto lunch money embezzler bail hiked to $1.8M
Sun Staff Report

Fontana >> Rialto Unified accountant Judith Oakes, alleged to have embezzled millions from the district’s nutrition services department, pleaded not guilty to the charges Wednesday before being led out of a Fontana courtroom this morning in handcuffs.

Oakes, 49, had her previous $50,000 bail revised to $1.8 million -- the amount of money she’s alleged to have stolen over seven years -- at her arraignment Wednesday morning in Fontana Superior Court.

San Bernardino attorney Pat Milligan, who is representing Oakes, told Judge Steven A. Mapes she wasn’t a flight risk or danger to the public. Accused murderers have bail set lower, he said.

“If she wanted to have bail at $250,000 that’s what she should have stolen,” San Bernardino County Assistant District Attorney Rick Young shot back.

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