Friday, September 20, 2013

Crimes go uninvestigated at care homes

Elder abuse, sexual assault and other acts regularly go uninvestigated as crimes at assisted living homes across California, as the facilities fall into a jurisdictional haze in which the first response is often administrative sanctions.
The U-T and the Center for Health Reporting at the University of Southern California examined more than 80 possible crimes at San Diego County senior homes in the past 10 years for which criminal investigations were never launched or fizzled due to delays.
Tristan Svare, a supervising prosecutor for San Bernardino County, said he spends a lot of time educating people in law enforcement on these issues.
“Just like a bank robbery or any other serious crime, we need to be there as soon as possible, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses,” Svare said. “Whether you think the case is a winner or a stinker, you need to report it to the district attorney.”
To read the story by Jeff McDonald in the U-T San Diego, click here.

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