Thursday, September 6, 2012

Street Dealer Convicted for Sale of a Controlled Substance

Andy Chavez, 41, of Fontana, was convicted by DDA Kyung Kim of one count of Possession for Sale of a Controlled Substance.

According to DDA Kim, Chavez was a low level street dealer in a high crime area that Fontana Police Department was conducting extra patrols.

“Fontana Police Department made the effort to clean up that area so it was natural we should back them up in their efforts,” said Kim. “Given the number of violent crimes that occur with both the sales and use of drugs, getting Mr. Chavez off the streets was one step of many in helping create a safe and clean neighborhood.”

Chavez faces 3 years in County Prison when sentenced Sept. 28.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fontana Man Convicted on Drug Charges

Christopher London, 53, of Fontana, was convicted by DDA ADAM PIERCE of one count of Cultivating Marijuana and one count of Possession of Marijuana for Sale. London, who had a recommendation for medical marijuana use, began cultivating marijuana for a collective located in Malibu.

However, according to DDA Pierce, London told narcotics officers that he expected to make $20,000 and that he intended on making a living by growing marijuana for this particular collective.

“The medical marijuana laws should not be used as a blanket to cover illicit activity,” said DDA Pierce. “A physician’s recommendation is no more a license to break the law than a driver’s license gives one the right to run a red light. Attempting to make money by growing marijuana under the guise of medical use is a slap in the face of true patients who find relief in their physicians’ recommendations.”

London faces 3 years in County Prison when sentenced October 1.